Who We Are

The United Methodist Church has a long history in the Jackson area.  Rev. Peter Baker, a pioneer circuit rider, organized the first “church organization” in Jackson when he gathered a group of Methodists to form the “Methodist Episcopal Church” in 1860. In the Spring of 1870, over 100 people from the Jackson area were attending services.  A church building was built in 1880 at the present-day location of the Casey’s General Store on Highway 71.

Although the church building was moved to Park Street and North Highway in 1935, Jackson did not have its own minister from 1929 to 1943. In 1954, plans were made to build a new church building.  The cornerstone of the church at the corner of Frost and North Highway was laid on July 8, 1956 and on March 31, 1957, Bishop D. Stanley Coors preached and presided at the consecration service.

The church celebrated its centennial in April 1969 with 353 members on the church rolls. On July 11, 1976, Bishop Wayne Clymer preached and presided at a service of dedication for the church because all indebtedness had been paid. Many other projects were completed by the “Methodists” of the Jackson area. Groups were formed within the church to further outreach.  The first “Women’s Society of Christian Service” was charted in 1940. A “Methodist Men’s Group” was started in 1954.  The “United Methodist Women” organization began in 1968 when the “Methodist Church” and the “Evangelical United Brethren Church” merged to form the present-day United Methodist Church.

The church has always been a proud part of the Jackson community hosting dinners at various times.  For at least eight years from 1957 to 1964 the “Methodist Diner” existed at the Jackson County Fair.  Our current pastor and several laity volunteer at the community food pantry as well as Western Community Action (helping those in need).

In all things, may God receive the Glory.