About The Pastor

About Pastor Rob Moorlach


Born in the Netherlands (Yes, the country also known as Holland), I have lived in the Great Plains States most of my life living the kind of life one might expect cheering for the Minnesota Twins; loving anything Disney (Did you know Disney World is the most popular vacation destination for people from North Dakota??); and drinking in history.


I grew up in a small town near Sioux Falls and went to church all of my life. My earliest memories of church are sitting in church services trying to read the bible or hymnal because my parents did not allow us to bring toys or books to church. I also remember being forced to attend Sunday School and memorizing bible verses and bible trivia.


On the other hand, I also remember my Mom reading Bible stories to my brothers and I. Those stories always stuck in the back of my head. When I asked Mom about the story of Jesus dying on the cross for me, she helped me understand how much God loved me that He sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross to forgive my sins and because He rose to life on Easter I was His child and could have a relationship with Jesus when I believed He did this for me. I might have started believing in Jesus way back in childhood, but it has taken a lifetime of developing that relationship with Jesus and learning to trust Him to bring me this far. And He’s not done with me yet!!


When I started college, I thought I wanted to be a business major but God had other plans. Through a desire to teach and the ability to speak well I ended up in Christian Education. Then at seminary, I found a talent for pastoring. As I think about all the people God used to bring to the place I find myself, I am overwhelmed with God’s grace. I want to share that grace with everyone.


Since graduating from seminary, I’ve pastored churches in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. Through a series of circumstances only God could adequately explain, I also spent three years in Kentucky administering the pension and health insurance plans for United Methodist ministers in Kentucky (i.e. being a friendly voice to pastors who needed help with pension and health insurance). I still enjoy cheering for the Minnesota Twins and bringing my nephews to games at Target Field. I also enjoy regular visits to Disney World and other far-flung places. Most of all, I enjoy the place God has brought me to pastor and live out my relationship with Him.